HYBRID™ Hot Tubs

A Hybrid Hot Tub provides a dynamic combination of massage, hot water therapy and energy efficiency. We work hard to provide a greater spa experience with targeted massage options and energy efficient features that keep operating costs down and water temperature up. Plus, you can count on our decades of experience and our dedication to excellent customer care for the best Hot Tub experience possible.

Our spas are designed especially for you to offer the ideal massage for your body. With jet configurations designed to target specific muscle groups, we can deliver powerful streams of water where needed and give you the ability to adjust to your desired water pressure. Our system also reduces energy costs by using only as much power as you need when you need it.

Fresh clean water is important to a great hot tub experience. We are committed to making spa ownership as easy as possible. The Hybrid Hot Tub ozone generated 24 hour filtration systems provides an effortless way for our hot tub owners indulge in their crystal clear water without worrying about having to clean or add chemicals before each use.

Our priority has been to develop the most efficient spa possible. We have created a custom energy efficient system that reduces the energy costs needed to provide 24 hour filtration, keeping your water hot, clean and ready for use while limiting energy consumption to save you money. Full foam insulation will help your hot tub maintain its heat, so there will be less energy used to bring heat back up to the temperature you set. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your Hybrid spa will always be hot, clean and ready for use, without the expensive electric bills that other tubs will incur.

Crystal Air

The beautiful Crystal Air, designed and manufactured by PSB. From the beginning as just a shell, through the jet configuration, on to delivery, then finally removal of the old spa and installation of the new Crystal Air. With 24 hour filtration and ozone, this spa is energy efficient and designed to be clean and hot whenever you are ready to use it. This spa seats 6 people and features LED color changing lights and waterfalls. Call 909-300-5477 for more information and to order yours today.

OS 91 Grande

Crane delivery and placement is one of the many types of deliveries we specialize in. Here the impressive OS 91 Grande in Cameo with an Espresso cabinet is craned into a back yard and placed precisely where the homeowner requested. This large open seating spa seats 7-8 people. As will all of our spas, this spa is built with energy efficient equipment and 24 hour filtration with ozone, so your spa stays hot, clean and ready to go 24 hours a day. Call to order yours today 909-300-5477.


The Victorian hot tub designed and manufactured by PSB is a very comfortable 3 person spa with a relaxing lounge seat. We specialize in rebuilding and re-enforcing decks for our spas. We can remove any spa to make room for your new energy efficient hot tub. From start to finish, our crew can complete every step of any project needed to get you into hot water!
Call to find out how we can get your new hot tub up on your deck. 909-300-5477

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