We Service Gas Heaters for Pools and Hot Tubs!

We Specialize in Parts and Repairs for Hot Spring, Tiger River and most other brands of spas.

Our Spa Service is for customers who would like their spas regularly maintained by a professional. 

We have a weekly service option or a bi-monthly (twice a month) service option. 

During your regular service, we will: 

  • Check and Clean the filters ("portable" spas only) 
  • Add water to proper level if water is accessible
  • Clean out minor debris 
  • Balance chemicals 
  • Make sure spa is covered and locked (if necessary) prior to leaving 
  • Advise on general condition of spa 

-Regular Monthly customers receive discounts on our Drain and Fill** service and other services we provide. 

Click here to sign up for Spa Service or give us a call at (909)300-5477 for more information about the services we offer!  

**Please note: Spa industry professionals recommend that a spa be drained and re-filled every 60-90 days. Weekly or Bi-monthly Service is not a substitute for draining and refilling a spa. A drain and fill should still be done periodically.